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A Tuscan Holiday in Siena, Italy

Siena, Italy is one of Italy's top tourist destinations, although it is not nearly as large as Florence, Rome, Venice or Milan. A small yet historic hilltown in Tuscany, Siena has a rich heritage of art, culture and political power, although in many ways it remained frozen in Medieval times. Any many visitors to Siena only spend the day, missing much of the city's quiet charms once the tourist throngs have disappeared.

My Guide to a Weekend in Siena is a brief introduction to the city: how to get there, how to get around, notable sites to see and how to best enjoy your travels. In three days' time you can see much of Siena's top attractions, while still feel compelled to return again in the future to discover more...

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A Visitor's Guide to St. Kitts

Looking for a new vacation destination? Consider the island of St. Kitts. I have been visiting St. Kitts and sister island Nevis for over two decades and am well familiar with the island's history, culture, hotels, food, tourism industry and beaches. St. Kitts has long been an "undiscovered gem" in the Caribbean, although the government's current push toward developing the tourism industry will likely have a huge impact on the island in coming years. Now may be the time to visit St. Kitts, before too much changes, if you wish to enjoy a relatively quiet and completely unique vacation in the Leeward Islands.

Visiting St. Kitts: A Guide for Tourists

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me 2012

Dragon*Con 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia

Is DragonCon on your event list for 2011? Haven't heard of it or unsure what Dragon*Con is all about?

Then check out my Survival Guide to Dragon*Con 2011. Here you'll find useful resources for Dragon*Con attendees, hotel information, local restaurant recommendations, as well as safety tips and photography from Dragon*Con's past.

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