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Squidoo Traffic Stats - I Love You So!

Seriously one of the most useful things about Squidoo's Dashboard controls to me are the detailed (and updated all day) traffic and search stats for individual lenses. Not only is it very helpful to see what is leading people to one of my lenses (so I can add content, adjust module titles and content accordingly), but sometimes it's just terribly amusing.

For instance, I was wondering why traffic spiked a bit to my little Stewart Copeland fan page last night - but then my SO texted me that his appearance on Storage Wars had just re-aired on A&E. People immediately seem to run to Google to look up how Barry Weiss knows Stewart every time it pops up again on tv. Of course, I also saw that I'm starting to get traffic for people looking for information on Stewart's upcoming summer tour with Stanley Clarke. I'll have to keep on top of that news topic then until and up through the summer.

Another one that's been amusing me is the search traffic to my Taylor Hawkins fan page. While it got a good boost from home page placement last week, it still has been getting ok google hits, but very little related to Taylor's actual drumming. No, as of right now these are the top search terms for the last week leading to the lens:

taylor hawkins overdose
taylor hawkins wife
can taylor hawkins wife song
who else did the foo fighters drummer play for
taylor hawkins google
how did foo fighters meet their wives
taylor hawkins daughter
taylor hawkins health problems
alison hawkins foo fighters is from allentown
taylor hawkins t shirt grammys
alison hawkins taylor hawkins wife

So basically, people are nosy about his wife and children (which I don't have much content about except the wife's name and that he has two kids - I don't DO nosy celebrity gossip) and his overdose from many years back (still).

If I go back and search for the month, there are a ton of search phrases asking what t-shirt Taylor wore at the Grammys. Darn it, I should have been following that more closely and maybe found out and thrown a product link up!

Well, it's all just very amusing and interesting to me, sometimes.
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Boy, do people love Storage Wars!

I really should create a lens for it, I really should.

I noticed my Stewart Copeland lens getting quite a spike in hits the past couple days, after I did a few minor tweaks updating the news section and throwing in a link to buying/downloading his appearance on Storage Wars helping Barry Weiss with a drum set. (I freakin' love Barry so him + Stewart was just epic.) Now tonight I check my search stats for the page, and what are people looking for on Google that's taking them to my lens?

does barry weiss really know stewart copland%3f
did barry weiss ever sell his drums
barry weiss knows stewart copeland
drums for sale with the police signature
what cymbal did stewart copeland buy from barry
hiw does barry weiss know stuart
how does barry weiss know stuart copeland

Not gonna lie I LOL'ed. I also want to see if I can find out the answers to some of those questions, since people really seem to want to know!
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The Ultimate Police Fan Survey

Fan of The Police? Like filling out surveys? Then I've got one for you - my Ultimate Police Fan Survey. 50 questions all about your opinions on the band, Sting, Stewart Copeland, Andy Summers - and heck, Henry Padovani too. Sound off on the best Police album, single, music video, book, and what you thought of the Reunion Tour. Questions about each of their solo careers as well.

No particular reason I started the survey except I'm always curious to see what other fans think :)

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Paint a Portrait Like a Renaissance Old Master

Lots of folks are familiar with this classical-style portrait I did of Stewart Copeland. Want to learn more about the techniques utilized in the painting process? Read my newest tutorial @ Squidoo.

Read more: "Paint a Portrait Like a Renaissance Old Master"

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Before They Were the Police: Stewart Copeland, Sting and Andy Summers

The early days and careers of the members of this classic pop-rock band. Their origins and previous gigs before they were to become one of the biggest bands of the 1980s.

Read more: "Before They Were the Police: Stewart Copeland, Sting and Andy Summers."

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