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me 2012

Trying something new with Squidoo...

So I've been following the Buying and Selling Squidoo Lenses Facebook group for a while, even though I've never bought a lens before - and I'm not especially interested in doing so, either. I like working on my lenses from the ground up, using my own words, etc.

But I'm thinking about working on some new lenses with the sole purpose of selling them. Not lenses that would take an awful lot of time to set up, but good basic starter lenses for people that are more interested in doing things like constantly monitoring Amazon links for expiring/sold out products and stuff like that. Which happens a lot on jewelry lenses, and I find them tedious to maintain.

So I basically want to try to create a starter set of about 20-30 lenses, ones that shouldn't take me more than 1-2 hours each to build and basically promote, and then see if I can sell them after a month's "test marketing". Because while I hate to give away lenses that might eventually become big successes, it would be nice to get some quick cash for lenses that don't take me a lot of time to build and create.

I'm going to be starting with jewelry sales lenses featuring different, more unusual stones. This is the first one I've created for this project/idea:

Moss Agate Jewelry.
me 2012

Seraphinite - The Angel Stone.

With my holiday lens challenge behind me, I've decided to focus on a new series of pages for Squidoo on some of my favorite and more unusual gemstones and semi-precious stones. Yes, these are pretty blatant sales lenses, but hopefully full of pretty things to look at - and perhaps bring some inspiration for holiday gift giving or to other jewelry designers.

The first stone I'm featuring is one of my absolute favorites, seraphinite, also known as "the angel stone". It is a really gorgeous and fairly rare material, dark green in color with feathery silver-white lights throughout it. I love working with seraphinite and will probably add some of my own necklaces and sets for sale to this page - once I replenish my inventory, as they tend to sell out as quickly as I'm able to make them.

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