Nicole Pellegrini (nicpel) wrote,
Nicole Pellegrini

Reminding myself why I do this...

For my content writing, I often get article ideas from looking at the google search phrases bringing people to the pages/articles I've already created. It helps me focus on on precise topics/keyphrases that might be worth taking on.

It also can make me ragy/depressed/frustrated, especially when I look at the search phrases bringing people to some of my infertility awareness articles. Such as (and seriously, these are straight from Squidoo's Google search analytics:)

annoying infertile women childfree
infertility punishment
friend infertility annoying
my mom doesnt understand infertility depression
why must infertile people take out their problems with families
would men dump a woman if she is infertile
how to tell people about infertility without sounding
i don't like infertile people
infertility isn't a bad thing
infertility large family
going to babyshowers infertile
why don't some infertile people adopt?
why don't people care about infertility
discrimination employment infertility baby showers
infertility made me a horrible person
only infertile person
men against barren women
i hate my infertile body
is there any point in life for an infertile person
how to explain why infertiles don't like baby showers
pain of not being able to have baby
infertile women are not attractive
infertile women are annoying
parents don't understand fertility problems
my infertile friend wont do any treatments
husbans who are crap with dealing with infertility
terrible things people say to infertiles
i dont know how to deal with being infertile
people's insensitivity to infertility
why are so many people desperate to have their own children than adopt
are infertile people annoying
how to cope with infertility around babies

Seriously, reading these search makes me want to hug some people I don't even know across the internet - and also makes me want to bang my head against the wall (or do other violent things) in other cases.

And then I remember...yeah, this is why I write. Even if I can't get through to everyone. Even if some people will be forever clueless. Maybe there's at least someone out there who I can get through to, or someone else who's hurting and needs to know where and how to even begin trying to find support.

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