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15 March 2012 @ 08:46 pm
I am NOT going back to the thread in question.  
I'll just give my answers here because I'm tired of head-desking in frustration.

"If I took a quick picture of my kid's toy, why am I crediting?"

Because it adds credibility that you actually have personal experience with the item you're reviewing, writing about, promoting, etc.

"If I draw something, why am I crediting?"

Um, because it's YOUR HARD WORK and I should think you'd want to take credit for that. I sure as heck don't put any of my art or drawings out there without stating that it's my work. I honestly don't understand NOT DOING THIS.

"If I paid out cash to use a stock photo that didn't require credit slapped all over it, why am I crediting?"

Because a lot of people abuse stock image sites. Fact of internet life these days. They don't pay, yet they use an image (even just a thumbnail if they can't download the full-size version without watermarks) and there's no way to tell if they bought it or are stealing it. Perhaps they're even stealing the full-size version from someone ELSE who paid for the rights to use that image on ANOTHER website.

"If an image is absolutely positively in the public domain or cannot be copyrighted for various reasons, why am I crediting?"

Because not everyone KNOWS it's "absolutely positively" in the public domain - I mean, how precisely do YOU even know? There are a lot of images on Flickr and Wikimedia Commons claimed to be Public Domain that aren't or have dubious rights. I've seen a lot of publicity photos for actors and rock bands scanned in and uploaded to Flickr and called "Public domain" when they sure as hell aren't.

Once more, I fail to comprehend WHY PROVIDING IMAGE CREDITS IS SO AWFUL AND TERRIBLE A BURDEN. I see nothing but benefits in doing so...and a lot of potential negative in not crediting.

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